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Fact sheet

Game Title: Code.Breaker()
Description: Code.Breaker() is an exciting cyberpunk visual novel mixed with adventure and puzzle game mechanics, a lively character cast and a PC98 inspired look. You take the role of a hacker hired by Akiyama CyberTech as a Network Security Expert. One day, however, your past comes back to haunt you. Get to know your coworkers and hack your way through your worst day at work as you try to survive in a world ruled by unscrupulous corporations.
Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch (planned)
Price: 9,99$
Press contact: contact[at]

Press Release

  • Beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art reminiscent of PC98 visual novels
  • Colorful mix of puzzle and adventure gameplay packed into a gripping visual novel about cyber crime and live as an office worker in a cyberpunk dystopia
  • Non-linear dialogue system that allows you to immerse yourself in conversations as you get to know the people around you